Paris Motor Show

The audience appreciated the innovation of Porsche, noting that the 911 – a descendant of 356 models, from which he picked up the basic shape of the body and the aggressive nature of their appearance. The first version of a new six-cylinder engine gave the same power as the Carrera 2 (130 hp). The new model 912 low-power 4-cylinder engine (1582 cc, 90 hp) is quickly becoming the most popular. Porsche Targa with restrictive arc added to the lineup in the autumn of 1966. In the late 1960's wheelbase 911 models is increased by 57 mm. For full compliance with U.S. standards, a 6-cylinder engine is first installed a mechanical fuel injection from Bosch. 1970 Now the power does play a major role: released in September, 6-cylinder 911 again increased the engine capacity to 2341 cc and represented a new range of capacities: 911 T (130 hp), 911 E (165 hp), 911 S (190 hp).

Birth of a legend – the first Porsche Turbo with the code name 930 was released at the Paris Motor Show 1974. Increased spoiler and a powerful engine (260 hp) added vehicle aggressiveness. Subject pride of models that year was, of course, their appearance. On this machine were installed bumper body color with a spring-loaded part of that permitted to retain a relatively small impact on speed. In 1977, there was version with a front engine – Porsche 928. Its V8 engine boasted a U.S. size (4.5 liter, 240 hp). In developing the body designers had three objectives: to obtain high aerodynamic performance, preservation of the characteristics of machines 'Porsche' and the provision of car ageless appearance.


What has to overcome and endure, if your machine takes a tow truck, I had to experience when the car my wife has been subjected to this procedure. So I hasten to share their invaluable way. First, you do not even know what's your favorite tech toys, which is the machine was withdrawn evacuator. You just get out of the car to buy pickled cucumbers in a supermarket, but due to the sluggishness of saleswomen spend it half an hour. Coming back, you realize two things: you have a bank of pickled cucumber, half an hour ago, you was not there, and you do not have a machine that, in contrast, half an hour was in full order. It is not necessary to arrange a panic, but should call 02 and find out whether your car is taken back evacuator. If you respond positively, then it is cause for joy. Then you need to go to the printers.

There is the Penitentiary Service. Not Fear not, there will not be beat. Coming back better than earlier. In the surrounding area are numerous tents selling hot coffee and every kind of food. Remember their locations, because you have to spend is more than one hour. Further it is necessary to take a turn and get the serial number. Service for the evacuation of the car is running with a stubbornness worthy of better application, so the people there will be plenty. If you're in the first fifty dollars, then consider yourself lucky. In the hour car released sins maximum of fifteen men, so it is better to stock up in advance or to go after the receipt of number plates for warm clothes, because even in summer, nights can not be such warm as you can imagine, lying in his bed at home. Evacuation of cars and getting them back is the current procedure and a business for people to help expedite the entire process. How many is such a magic wand, I can not tell, because he did not use their services.

Sport Utility

The first – is deposited around each spike mesh, indicating the degree of break-in. As you know, any new tire, and especially studded, requires about 500 km careful operation needed to shrink the spikes. Accordingly, the correct run-bus will have laid down specifications. In the fifth Hakkapeliytty everything clearly: disappeared mesh – the driver knows that running is over. Read more here: JPMorgan Chase. The second – an indicator of tire safety in winter conditions – a snowflake in the grooves of the tread, which is located at a height of 4 mm. Here, too, is simple: gone snowflake – bus stops be a safe winter tire.

She no longer the same figures for splashpleningu by aquaplaning For SUVs Everything we told above, is characteristic of the second new family of tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta Sport Utility 5. In fact, they almost twins, but since the latter is designed for heavier vehicles and powerful, it has its own characteristics. Externally, they can be distinguished by the paired central rib of Sport Utility 5, and if into details, we can note and other differences. Sheep in Sport Utility 5 is also tetrahedral "plus", but the body tenon made of steel against aluminum alloy with tires for passenger cars, due to higher loads. And since cars are suv class center of gravity, it is important that the tire balanced perceived body movements. To do this in the shoulder area formed by the ribs, which improve the stability of the car. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Wells Fargo Bank and gain more knowledge.. Are important for expensive car and bus design issues.