All we have seen sometimes an elephant, an imposing, high animal, very hard and that inspires much respect, moored by one of its heavy legs with a simple rope to a simple stake nailed in the earth floor. And the truth is that I never had been made the question that surely the elephants are not made either: how it is possible that a tiny one stops stakes them? , While it talked with a one of my brothers and pair of friendly, one of them yesterday made a commentary with respect to which sometimes we are as the elephants tied to the stake, the real problem is in our mind, since we have ourselves as much customary to something: a person, a feeling, one devises, etc., that finishes limiting our vision of the possibilities which we would have if we tried the change. The power of the stake. Peculiarly, the power of the stake that often to us maintains tied to the forms is also in our decision. What I mean? That conscious or unconsciously we chose to be tied to the stake or think that it will not leave us free and by this reason simply we crossed ourselves of arms, we sat down next to her, and we hoped that someday the stake disappears or that somebody arrives and it releases to us. The problem is that if we around see ours, many are in the same position that we: hoping. And when somebody is freed, what we do? Generally, that one that has managed to free itself is shortage that the power had that it tied was not another thing that its own thought; thus, it comes and it says to us that we can be freed, that we did not need to be tied because the stake does not have to be able real on our lives. We watched then it with distrust, cuchicheamos between which we followed tied and it seems to us that what in fact loves that one crazy person it is to ruin all already established. .

Autoresponder Products

Later to create a Web site of pick up with a subscription form. To acquire a service or script of the Autoresponder to catch the data of people who ask for information approaches the product that is commercialized. And, finally, to send messages only to people whom they ask for corresponding information on the product that we sell. In this way we will avoid the misfortunes that entail the denunciations to make the Spam. Also, we must be preparations at any time to answer the questions and doubts of possible clients.

Therefore, we must know the products that we sell. In order to be a true successful with affiliation marketing is necessary to treat the products that we sell similarly, as if they were our own ones. We must sensitise to us of which these products help to develop our own business us, which is going to us to produce gains. And when is money it is necessary to have a serious and responsible attitude. The best option is to buy we ourself these products, to prove them in practice and only later to begin to sell them.

They would not have to scare these investments to us of money in our virtual business in a physical business are enormously greater. Businesses without money investment do not exist! However the investments realised with wisdom can help us to really generate gains fabulous. The practice demonstrates that it is possible to make money with programs of affiliates, as long as the things are made correctly. There is no another secret that to follow the example over which they are prevailing. And if somebody has obtained to it we also can reach the same results repeating exactly what they are doing. Conclusion: in order to begin to generate gains with affiliation marketing using the electronic mail, is necessary to be first preparation: to have a Web site with its name of own dominion, a Hosting of payment, a service of autoresponder limitless professional and knowing the details the product, to know how to answer the questions of the possible buyers. To treat the product that we sell as if outside our own one. Successes in the affiliation marketing.