Prime Minister

The final factor spodvignuvshim Berlusconi to sell, can be considered difficult 'Milan' in the transfer market and the results of ordinary-looking team. We can not, of course, forget the history and loud with the sale Kaka. We all remember how upset Mr Berlusconi said the Brazilian 'cost him too dearly. " At the European Parliament elections the party of Prime Minister of Italy were missing at least two places. Authority and prestige of Berlusconi after leaving Kaka began to plummet. Perhaps in this lies some reason because of which the holder is not too good Rossoneri speaks about Kaka, saying Gaush and Pato – best new midfielder 'Real'. Muammar Gaddafi known not only as the Libyan dictator, but also as a person actively associated with the oil business.

He also has stakes in various investment groups (through which acquired the shares 'Juventus'). No wonder that 'Milan' a few times already trying to establish contact with such a significant brand as Central Bank of Lybia. On the stocks 'Juve' Gaddafi did not stop: the newly Libyan leader asks Rosella Sensi information on the 'Roma', and now building bridges with Berlusconi. Commands such as 'Parma' and 'Udinese' fundamentally not interested in it. Gaddafi is ready to implement the deal gradually. There can be no talk about a sudden 'tearing' 'Milan' from Don Silvio.

Contact with the Rossoneri The Libyan side was not so strong. Even before the election Mr Berlusconi is unlikely to agree to such a move. However, life dictates its own terms. On the table there is a weighty sentence Berlusconi and 'Milan' has long ceased to be only football club. Now this whole world revolves around which a variety of people, the most influential of which are associated with Berlusconi in companies such as Fininvest and Mediaset. Now this decision affects not only Berlusconi. Here why on Saturday night after the Derby chuck 'Milan' seen in public Adriano Galliani in a well-known restaurants in town.


The aim of this theme is to tell a novice what outfit as a whole, why it is needed and how to use it. Plan Topics 1) What is the equipment and why it is needed. 2) How to help crews. 3) How to properly wear uniforms. 4) How use of crews. 5) How to achieve the greatest gain from the crews. 6) Storage of equipment. 7) Where can I get crews.

What is the equipment and why is it necessary equipment in powerlifting is used for protection from injury and to increase to results. Outfit is for the squat (kombeza, bandages, brifsy) Benches (T-shirts, wristbands), for traction (traction kombeza). Crews make three major firms Titan, Inzer, methane. The first thing you need is a bandage. Bandages come in two (IAP) and 2.5 (VFC / TOF) m long. You will also need wrist bandage for fixation of the wrist. The second place I would put kombeza for the squat, which can be used for traction (although there is certainly a special and traction kombeza. If you have extra money, you can buy yourself this).

Kombeza resembles the appearance of the Born ordinary leotards, but made from a very thick material with reinforcing sutures. The third-ranked T-shirt for the regime. Outwardly similar to the T-shirt made of thick material with strong stitching and pull in front of sleeves. Well, if desired can be purchased brifsy, which are essentially kombeza without straps. They dress under kombeza. But they are banned in IAP.