Work Meets SMEs Companies

Women show great interest in a career in the middle class, while medium-sized companies are desperately looking for professionals. The mediation of female staff organizers that women & work offer an SME Forum together with the medium-sized job market. There is also a discussion on the program. According to a survey of universe a career at the top employers of SMEs aimed at last year 77% of female respondents. Today, every fifth Manager in the middle-class is female, at the junior executives are even 37 percent. “Many visitors of the last two events wanted, to contact directly with the representatives of medium-sized companies in contact at the fair”, explains Melanie Vogel, initiator and organiser of the women & work.

Medium-sized businesses learn about companies in Forum”the organisers have accordingly responded and offered an SME Forum in close collaboration with In a separate mess tent advice there Yourfirm staff and representatives of medium-sized companies targeted about career prospects in the middle class. Who specifically wants to deal with the individual companies, can register a four eye discussion, too. We are great interest from last year fair and want to show women that they have very good professional perspectives in the middle class,”said Konstantin Janusch, Managing Director of the job market Because finally, medium-sized companies offer flexible work schedules and a high staff appreciation. The objective is to bring precisely these top jobs at the woman. The Draxlmaier Group represented and therefore also medium-sized companies such as E.g.

textile Kontor W. Seidensticker, Siegwerk inks are in addition to the job brokers. “Panel discussion: innovation in SMEs” last but not least because of its crisis safety of the middle class is so popular with women. This can only be guaranteed through innovative strength, which is above average for medium-sized companies. Finally, the mid-sized company with 31 patents per 1,000 people in the average of a long are innovative than large corporations.