Hamburg Holger

AviationPower under new management, Hamburg, October 2009. Now Holger KuSTER takes over the management of the personnel service provider AviationPower specialized in aviation, a joint venture of Lufthansa technical training and manpower. He succeeds in this function Mario Christmas, who beats up other career paths after five successful years at AviationPower. 46 engineer can rely on extensive experience in the field of aviation as well as the engineering services in his new task. Holger KuSTER began his career after completing his engineering studies at Deutsche Lufthansa AG, where he most recently technology worked within its 10-year length of service as department head of product development by Lufthansa. Then Holger KuSTER was responsible for nationwide distribution as well as the disciplinary leadership of all divisions and branches of the Ingenieurdienstleisters Brunel and others as COO. In July 2007, he took over the Management of manpower professional engineering, he is still retained in addition to the new feature at AviationPower.

With the acquisition of the management of AviationPower I received the opportunity to combine the two companies Lufthansa and Manpower, who have shaped me for many years, and to develop successfully in the future”, Holger KuSTER is pleased. I see it as my task to promote the German aviation sites together with the competent and efficient team of AviationPower and to strengthen through the creation of new jobs. Our goal is to establish our vision of ‘Best of 2 worlds’ on the market. “The company: qualified staff.” For a mobile world. AviationPower is the specialist for comprehensive personnel services in the field of aviation. We support all aviation companies with excellent trained professionals. Our qualified and motivated employees integrate easily and quickly into the work processes on the spot, so that personnel not only must bottlenecks. And the world.