New Quality Label For Wood Pellets Full Of Success!

ENplus certification gives consumers security when purchasing fuel in Berlin in August 2011. The new quality seal of ENplus for fuel wood pellets was first introduced in the fall of 2010 and already proves success: already after a short time, a nationwide network of certified pellet and suppliers exist. While ENplus-logo on the product or the delivery guarantees the consumer a very high quality of the fuel, which is even still well above the standards set by the relevant EU standards. Because the ENplus seal for the first time the Pellethandel is included in the certification system, maximum quality assurance and transparency for the consumer. Guaranteed high-quality Premiumpellets are now available in the whole country. Only half a year after the introduction of the ENplus quality label for wood pellets two-thirds of the pellets produced in Germany are already certified. In addition, 27 suppliers in more than 50 locations ensure that already one-third the pellets traded nationwide for private use are ENplus – quality ware. The certification is important, because only high quality wood pellets provide a comfortable and low-maintenance heating operation.

So that there is no slagging in boiler and thus heating operation can run technically perfectly ensures through the mandatory examination of the ash softening temperature in the course of ENplus certification. Also by the Pellethandel for the first time strict requirements for logistics, warehousing and delivery provided by the introduction of the ENplus seal… “So qualified Pellethandler have the possibility to present their competence ENplus logo finally” forward Martin Bentele, Managing Director of the German Pelletinstituts (AMRIT). The ENplus system is very clearly laid out and offers the consumer an easy orientation: Premiumpellets of class A1 have a low ash content and are suitable for the operating – smaller to medium-sized combustion plants ideal for heating power and Multi-family homes. Pellets of class A2 have a slightly higher ash content and are intended for use in larger systems. Loose goods, customers will find the ENplus emblem including the identification number of the Pellethandlers on the delivery note in the bag, the label directly on the packaging is printed. Another plus for the consumer: The ENplus certification makes not more expensive fuel for him.

No wonder that enjoy the ENplus pellets of from the outset great demand. This is now also abroad: Austria has implemented ENplus and also in the Switzerland, Italy and Spain the launch is imminent. An overview of all ENplus certified Pellethandler in Germany sorted by postcode areas is at any time can be viewed at. Company description the new seal of ENplus for wood pellets controlled the entire delivery chain from production up to delivery to the end customer and providing a high quality security and comprehensive transparency. With stricter limits than in the past, this provides Certificate for the control and marking of Premiumpellets.