Really Work

The PTC (Paid To Click = payment per Click) are companies that pay you for clicking on ads that show on their website. The system works in the following way: suppose that you believe a page you want to make it known, then looking for the way to promocinarla and generate traffic, then you fall into one of these companies that you charge e.g.. Read more from Bobby Kotick to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 5 Dollars per 1000 click on your ad that made visitors of PTC, then if we do a simple division of 5 dollars per 1000 clicks, gives us cent 0.05 dollar per click, that’s what estaria saliendote you for each click that realise a person in your listing, then the company gives to people who click on the ads made a part of these 5 cents, for example. 2 cents and left 3. Then the benefit of yours is to get traffic to your website, the benefit of the company are the 3 cents and the benefit of the person who made the click are the 2 remaining cents. Now let’s look at more in depth this, when I say companies quotes is because many of these companies are only temporary, they are a few months some people pay to put advertising, others make click on the ads, never pay to affiliates and go with money from advertisers.

If you search the internet companies PTC you’ll find not a cent, but thousands of PTC and most of them are scams that never paid. Large quantity than enceuntres I I think that only 2% of these companies are really serious and ever get paid. The problem of the PTC is that the vast majority of people who start in the world of online business, looking to make some money on the internet fall as a first option in this business without performing a thorough analysis, since they don’t have to lose money, they should only do clicks, are recorded in which PTC cross them and begin to make clicks, but in the long run and after several days or months, they tried to charge and payment never arrived.