The Business

To blinds served for a considerable period of his master, in the first place, when they purchase must be clearly set itself the task – for what purpose, for any premises which he plays the role of this room, cost, etc. It is for these basic parameters, and selected blinds, which subsequently determines the style and material they are made. Let's try to figure out what are the blinds, and what their difference. Usually, jalousie design is consistently fixed slats (strips of plastic, fabric, wood, metal, etc.), although they occasionally and roll options. For location Slat blinds are vertical and horizontal. Classics today are the horizontal blinds.

The largest distribution they received in the business interior, which led to the myth that blinds are used only in the office premises. Of course, horizontal blinds white just perfectly fit into the office interior, but what about the other colors? What if the combined color? Then, these blinds perfect fit with any decor. Vertical blinds not only protect from sunlight, as well as horizontal, but also fit perfectly into any decor. It is these blinds are able to push the market windows. Adjusting the flow of sunlight by turning the vertical slats on its axis. Open blinds are much easier than horizontal. Lamella simply and effectively shifted to the edges to the center or in one of the parties. The design of such blinds are very simple: the carrier portion to which are attached fins, performs molding, sliders are used to connect to the eaves of lamellae, chain or rope to control and, of course, the weights.

Acrylic Solid Surface

And it does not depend on the greed seller, but on the technologies and components at manufacturing kamnya.Iskusstvenny stone – a collective concept, behind which lurk in various composite materials. Talk briefly about each class of artificial stone: acrylic stone, cast stone, “Liquid Stone”, agglomerate. Acrylic stone consists of a mineral filler (70%, trihydrate or aluminum hydroxide, an analog of a substance, which is part of the natural white clay), color pigments and acrylic resin binder. Acrylic stone for the first time was designed more than 30 years ago by DuPont (Corian (Corian )) and patented, but the term of the patent expired, so the market, new brands and vendors (Hi-Macs (LG, South.

Korea), Getacore (WESTAG & GETALIT), Staron (Samsung), Gibraltar (Wilsonart), Hanex, Silestone). Acrylic stone belongs to the group Acrylic Solid Surface and made it using special equipment. About production mix is prepared and poured in a vacuum, so the acrylic stone turns solid and nonporous. Because of this he has many advantages: long life – he does not absorb moisture and solvents, not decay, non-yellowing, hygiene and environmental friendliness – is impervious to bacteria and fungus, is neutral in contact with food, not is the background radiation, does not absorb and does not emit, is resistant to ultraviolet light, flexible to use, easy to repair; compounds do not form any visible seams..