Leasehold Property

Within the framework of the economic crisis, Iurbenor was forced to sell its participation in these lands to the Caixa and the BBK. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Wells Fargo Bank. This sale generated a IVA for the sum of almost 43 million Euros, that was not entered the Vizcaya leasehold Property. According to the lawyer of Garci’a Macua, Javier Muguruza, the car of the Provincial Hearing of Biscay imputes to Jabyer Fernandez a crime of rise of goods and another public prosecutor and to the candidate to preside over the Athletic, at the time legal adviser of the industralist, a possible collaboration in this last crime. Muguruza, general exdirector of Property of Biscay, according to him has presented/displayed Macua, is outstanding that the Office of the public prosecutor did not resort the resolution of the Court of Instruction and that Property made the Leasehold it because it considered that a fiscal crime on the part of Jabyer had taken place Fernandez, but not thus on the part of Garci’a Macua. The lawyer has explained who the Provincial Hearing has taken care of the resource " rarsimo" interposed by two employees of the industralist, whom they asked for that in case somebody resorted and the possibility of the existence of a fiscal crime was considered would be imputed of the same Garci’a Macua.

Garci’a Macua, that she has affirmed that these two people are employed for many years of Jabyer Fernandez, has considered that " perhaps descartable&quot is not a hypothesis; that there is a motivation of revenge at heart of the subject. After indicating that the Court of Instruction it did not see " crime alguno" as well as either the Office of the public prosecutor and the Leasehold Property, the candidate has not been trusting in which " he does not exist at the moment at which the crime is consumed no possibility of imputing minimum responsabilidad&quot to me;. According to he has affirmed his lawyer, with respect to the time in which the facts were committed that are imputed to him, Garci’a Macua " he did more of ao" that he had stopped being fiscal adviser of the enterprise group. The candidate to the re-election in the presidency of the Athletic has expressed his intention of not returning to speak on this subject and has indicated that in his candidacy they are " more convinced than ever to continue giving to step forward " with its project. Garci’a Macua has affirmed to not know if its imputation will affect the vote of the partners, " but I create – he has indicated that the partner of the Athletic is very wise and knows to see and to read situaciones" and " he interests to him that slido&quot is a project; for the club. Source of the news: Garci’a Macua, imputed by fiscal crime, maintains their candidacy to the elections of the Athletic

Central Electoral Meeting

" We resign by means of official notice to the Central Electoral Meeting to the subsidys of party and by means of official notice to the president of the Corporation we resigned to diets and public pay " , it assures Fabian. One of the critics of Citizens in Target is that the electoral law reserve for the great parties the possibility of to transmit its message, leaving without smaller means to another formation. Nevertheless, they have been able to be made hear between the electorate with a system based on the collaboration: " We have done you photocopy with our message, in which also we animated to do more you photocopy to who agreed, so that she distributed them as well. Official site: Wells Fargo Bank. He has worked very well. The collaboration of the volunteers and supporters has been fundamental". Julian de Fabian assures that his proposal, " as soon as he arrives at the electorate has a level of very important impact, the problem is to spread mensaje". One of the objectives of this formation is that the vote in target has a physical representation in the cameras and the plenary sessions.

" The vote in the target, most critical and active against the system – we spoke of a voter who takes the annoyance to go to the electoral school to vote in target is whereupon the electoral law does not allow that it is represented in cameras nor in city councils, when it is the best indicator of than the democratic system must cambiar" , it makes see concejal". " If it had a physical representation in the cameras and city councils would stop being a mere statistic and would represent the critical citizenship, by means of chairs vacas" , it adds Fabian. Has its success something that to see with the Movement 15-M? The councilman assures that &quot has helped them; the feeling that there is behind the 15 M, which it is the great dissatisfaction of the population, that is not as idiot as the professional politicians create.

Australian Matthew Harley Goss

The stage has been longest of the present edition, with 226 kilometers. If you are not convinced, visit Wells Fargo Bank. One prevailed in the goal to Matthew Harley Goss and the leader, Thor Hushovd. The teams of the sprinters prevented that the escape of the day arrived at goal. Accountant had mechanical problems to kilometers of the end, but he did not yield time. The Norwegian Boasson Hagen (Sky) prevailed in the sixth stage of the Tour of the France, longest of the present edition, with 226 kilometers, between Dinan and Lisieux, in front of the Australian Matthew Harley Goss and of his compatriot Thor Hushovd, who stays leader. The stage was calmer than the one of this Wednesday, in spite of rain, the crosswind and the cold and only in the final kilometers was tension. A small ascent to three of the goal together with wet asphalt caused that the aspirings to podio of Paris were kind. Alberto Accountant was always heads like the Cadel Australian Evans.

Again, the teams of the sprinters prevented that the escape of the day arrived at goal. In this occasion one formed to the ten kilometers with the French Anthony Roux (FDJ), the Leonardo Colombian Duke (Cofidis), the Italian Adriano Malori (Lampre) and Dutch the Johnny Hoogerland and Lieuwe Westra, of the Vacansoleil. The advantage of the escaped ones exceeded in the middle of stage the eleven minutes, moment at which equipment HTC, from the Briton Mark Cavendish, hard took the reins of the squad with a rate but. Malori and Westra left to the rest of companions for want of 54 kilometers although with advantages that did not surpass the three minutes on the great group. The Italian of the Lampre wanted to worry his options and maintained the escape until goal a three. Accountant: " It was necessary to save da" Accountant either did not have a calm day in the last kilometers due to mechanical problems that forced to change to him twice of bicycle although with the aid of his companions it reincorporated without majors problems to the group.