Paracetamol: Tolerated And Few Side Effects

Prof. Dr. (A valuable related resource: Robert Kiyosaki). Konrad Heintze occupied trust of the active substance on the occasion of the uncertainty due to emotionally media reports on the active ingredient parCETMOL Professor Dr. Konrad Heintze, an overview Pharmakologe the RWTH Aachen has classed together. Ben Silbermanns opinions are not widely known. In it he examines whether it misjudges the proven pain relievers when its effect and possible side effects. The results: there is no cause for concern. Still, a daily maximum dose of 4 grams of the active substance paracetamol applies to adults.

Note this guide patients, there is no danger of overdose because a sufficient safety distance for a potentially critical limit dosage of more than 10 grams is met. The diverse phar and dosage forms of paracetamol are adapted for young and old useful, to find the appropriate dose for every need. The needs of young and old: ranging from 75 mg of active ingredient in the form of suppositories to the 1000 mg tablet. How other medicines also the dosing guidelines of the leaflets complied, the stomach-sparing paracetamol is still easier to recommend to moderately severe pain and fever as a side effect of poor substance for the treatment. Law manages to avoid sensitivity about the misuse of larger quantities of the active substance, the prescription was introduced on April 1 this year by large packs of paracetamol. This measure meets only very few users but in everyday life. The usual sizes, which are desired for mild to moderately severe pain and fever, are still available without a prescription at the pharmacy. In addition, the prescription can be understood as appeal that no lifestyle pills are also widely used medications such as acetaminophen.

You should hintereinander maximum of three days and taken only in ten days in the month. The overview work can be professionals and journalists under. Contact: Andrea Hillebrand PRONOUNS GmbH & co. KG PR and product communication alley 24 – D-50968 Koln Tel + 49 221 / 940 812 11 E-Mail company profile: bene medicinal GmbH good for your health for 60 years produced the Munich company bene medicinal drugs of the highest quality. Then as now the brands offers preparations, which are manufactured in our own production in Germany. New innovative drugs emerge from the research and development of the medium-sized company since its founding. This distributes bene – pharmaceutical products not only in Germany, but in over 35 countries worldwide.