Golden Square

Kazakh financiers themselves acknowledge that the country is progressing "Dutch disease" in a neglected state. FEC gives almost 65-70% of total GDP. Another 20% – mining and metallurgy. Economists estimate that "in circumstances where from 1999 to 2005 oil prices increased by 6 times, and oil production by 2 times the price of copper, zinc and other nonferrous metals – in 3-4 times, be proud of GDP is growing at 9-10% a year – so say its poor management. " You can ask the question: where was the "Kazakh economic miracle" in 1999, when oil cost $ 9 per barrel!? That's it. Country then teetered on the brink of default. General debt of Kazakhstan and its businesses for 1st Jan. more than 61 billion dollars.

The situation in the social sphere is even starker. In a country of 15 million people, experiencing a demographic crisis, 125 thousand children are in the queue in children gardens. In a country whose leader for the visit to Kazakhstan, former President Boris Cleeton in September 2005, donated to the American Fund for AIDS nearly 50 million dollars, nearly a hundred children infected with this terrible disease. Vaunted Berlin pension system is reduced to increase the retirement age by five years – 60 years for women and 65 men. In Russia and neighboring Central Asian countries the retirement age is respectively 55 and 60 years. And this despite the fact that life expectancy in Kazakhstan – 61 year for women and 58 – for men. Apparently, the idea of "reformers" of the pension system, the remaining pension savings in a funded system will go to the funeral. In the democratization and political reforms – such as self-deception.

Over the last year in Kazakhstan imprisoned three journalists, were shut down four newspapers, not loyal to the current government. Adopted in 2006 a law on mass media makes the work of journalists "Mission Impossible". The reform of the party system has been reduced to the creation of a super-party "Nur Otan". According to the method of work and membership in her officials, the organization is much more like the Communist Party of Kazakh SSR, rather than the Democratic Party, created for the parliamentary work. Apparently, due to excessive "wealth and prosperity" in recent years in the west, then east on ethnic conflicts erupt. Atyrau, Kentau, Karabatan Shelek … Where to explode next time? A social upheavals? Buckeye, Sharynak, "Golden Square" … In general, the Astana long should understand that its permanent and starts bragging, "Soap Bubbles" nothing but the nausea, the partners does not matter. With each "PR" is becoming increasingly obvious inadequacy of the intellectual resources of the Kazakh leadership in matters of internal and external management. It turns out not to Senka hat … Not everything went smoothly in the steppe kingdom "of distorting mirrors." And, apparently, Mr Nazarbayev should think twice before you declare at the Berlin hotel "Adlon", which, allegedly, someone does not rejoice in "success" of Kazakhstan.