The savings allows us to better cope with life, with greater insight and ability, face any problem. a It is true, not always a lot of money left over this month to save, but more certain is that rather than drinking liquor, buy drugs, is to save . a Stop drinking, drug use, to waste the money mujerzuelasa your life you’ll see blooms, changes, and your path is illuminated, it becomes radiant. a Saving allow those few money left over every weekend, end of month, allow you to after six months, buy a stereo, a DVD, a lovely Jean, brand sneakers, etc.. a It all depends on you, saving is a habit you must cultivate a child, thinking that saving is to ensure a better tomorrow. a If you’re an adult learn to reduce your expenses each month, never too late to start.

Learn to spend less, to look for savings, not to waste money, because that only leads to ruin anyone, anywhere in the world. a The savings change allows many cure their parents, their children at a time of illness, misfortune. a Some hardship, will allow tomorrow, you and the family are in better condition. a You organize your economy, your house, looking for are always a few grains of sand, and put them in the “piggy in the bank. to accustom your children from small saving is good, that important. a If your child sees you wasting money, wasting it, so will as an adult.